Calling everyone everywhere to worship Christ.

What is a "Primitive" Methodist Church?

Primitive Methodists are a small group of churches who emphasize the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We believe everyone should turn to Christ in faith to be saved and born again.  We are conservative in theology and in regards to current social issues.  Our great desire is that Christ be glorified and individuals transformed into his likeness.

Where are the two churches located?

Westview Methodist is located at 770 West Madison Street in Platteville.  Big Patch Methodist is located a few miles outside of Platteville at 4491 County D.

What is a "circuit"?

When several independent churches share a pastor and work together in various ways, this is called a circuit.  

How should we dress if we come to visit either churches?

Dress modestly but comfortably.  In other words, come as you are.