About Us

What is a Primitive Methodist church?
  • A Primitive Methodist church is a "church," a body of believers who are committed to exalting Christ, to jointly serving Him together, and to calling all people everywhere to turn to Him in faith.
  • A Primitive Methodist church is a "Methodist" church. Methodists, historically, emerged from the revivals that swept England and America in the 1700's. They sought to intentionally grow in their faith by practicing a number of standard spiritual disciplines (or "methods" as some called those disciplines) and passionately sought to reach the lost for Christ.
  • A Primitive Methodist church is "primitive." No, that doesn't mean we don't heat our building or have indoor plumbing! In the 1800's, some within the Methodist Church felt like the denomination had grown too comfortable and had lost its zeal for evangelism. This group called themselves "primitive" Methodists because they wanted to go back to the beginnings of the Methodist Church, to its original distinctives, its "primitive" beginnings.
  • Primitive Methodists are a small biblical conservative denomination of independent churches.